Week #01 - 2023

Week #01 - 2023


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New year. Naturally, I feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. A fresh start and new possibilities are always thrilling, and the new year provides an opportunity to reflect on the past and think about the future. This year I simply want to continue on a positive path. Read more, write a little bit more, spend more time with my loved one and grow. I look forward to all the amazing things 2023 has in store.

I am currently reading “Strategy: A History” by Lawrence Freeman. For some reason, I recently got interested in this topic. By learning about strategy, I hope to think critically about long-term goals and how to achieve them. And to avoid common pitfalls and make better decisions in my life and work.

Recently, I realized that I am not comfortable dealing with numbers and probabilities. There is a term for this, Innumeracy. Innumeracy is said to be prevalent in society. When you are innumerate, you have a poor ability to think critically about numbers and make informed decisions that involve quantitative reasoning. This leads to poor decision-making and misunderstanding in finance, health, politics, and the media.

This year, I am going to learn how to count using an abacus (Soroban). My daughters are taking abacus classes. It looks fun. So, I might learn how to count using the abacus as well. It is actually quite difficult for adults to count using this method. To help with my study, I use this website called [sumomath].