Coding Techniques for Solving Algorithmic Problems

Coding Techniques for Solving Algorithmic Problems


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How many times have you seen an algorithm problem and had no idea how to start solving it? Do not worry. You are not alone. I struggle with the process of solving algorithm problems all the time. Often, I just stare at the problem or start typing away at the keyboard until I get the right solution, spending hours in the process.

It turns out that there are underlying patterns for most of these problems. Finding the right technique to solve an algorithm problem can be the difference between a correct solution and spending hours staring at a problem.

I have summarized some patterns that help me solve algorithmic problems in a short study note. There are 14 techniques overall. Each method is explained with examples that illustrate how it can be used to solve specific types of problems. You can learn how to apply these techniques to solving problems in order to produce correct solutions more efficiently.

Sliding windows technique study notes

I also provide just a summary of the coding techniques without the code examples for quick reference.

Coding techniques quick guide

With a bit of practice, you will be able to apply these patterns to any algorithm problem and start solving problems. Pick up a copy of coding techniques today!