Learning to Type


2 min read

Recently, I am looking into improving my overall skills relating to programming and computer. One of the abilities I am interested in developing is my typing skill or, more generally, my proficiency with the keyboard. After all, it is the main and arguably the most crucial interface between computer and man.

When it comes to typing, we need to pay attention to speed and accuracy. For programmers, there has been a lot of debate on this topic. How fast should a programmer be able to type? I don’t think that programmers need to type super fast. As long as you don’t hunt and peck and that the act of typing does not break your flow of thoughts, you should be fine. But fast is better than slow.

I also noticed that lately, I had developed a bad habit. I often find myself pressing the backspace key. My accuracy is terrible, and I want to improve this.

The Benchmark

First off, I took a typing test to establish a baseline. I tried the typing test on three different websites:

  1. Keyhero, 59.48WPM, 95.37% accuracy
  2. Typing speed test, 64WPM, 96.82% accuracy
  3. Ratatype, 62.8WPM, 97.2% accuracy

While I don’t hunt and peck when I type, I don’t use the correct touch-typing technique. I am thinking learning the proper technique will help me speed up my typing speed and accuracy.

The Training

To begin my training, I need to set up a goal. For that, I need to check on what kind of typing speed is considered respectable for general typing and programming.

According to Google, a professional typist can type from 50WPM to 80WPM. Programmers can type up to 100WPM. Some can even reach 165WPM. That is so close to the world record.

So I will start with this goal: increase my typing speed to 100WPM in 12 weeks. I intend to achieve that goal by training two 25 minutes sessions every day. Every week I will have another typing test and record the result.


My goal is to increase my speed, accuracy, and my overall skill in handling the keyboard. I don’t aim to be the fastest typist. As long as I don’t have to think about the typing process and can focus on whatever I am doing at the moment (blogging, coding, emailing), I am okay.

In summary, I want to increase my overall proficiency with the keyboard. And the way I go about this is to learn to type fast and accurately.